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LifeWoven Memoirs provides a full range of services to help the memoirist complete their project.
· Can’t get started writing your memoir?
· Stuck and don’t know how to move forward?
· Need help with editing or formatting?
· Do you just want someone to get this done?

Why write your memoirs?
Taking time to write your life story will help you to reflect on your life and find new meaning and understanding of past events. Writing about things that have happened to you can also be good for your health. Studies have shown that writing about past traumas can reduce blood pressure and boost immune systems and brain function!

Create a legacy for your family
Imagine finding a journal your grandmother kept. Wouldn’t that be a precious keepsake for you and your family? Writing your memoir provides a beautiful gift for your family that will last and last. Descendants will have the chance to know you in your own words.

Connect the threads between your parents and your children
Writing down the memories you have of your parents and grandparents helps preserve family history for future descendants.

Discover the threads that cross generations and create family ties. Are there writers or cooks cropping up in each generation? Does your family have a military or musical tradition? Writing the family stories helps each generation understand more of their roots.

LifeWoven Memoirs can help
Sometimes people need a helping hand to write their memoirs. LifeWoven Memoirs can assist with any stage of your memoir, whether you have just one story, or enough to fill a book.

For information about fees and services, or for a free initial consultation, contact Candace at LifeWoven Memoirs at 425-750-8985 or email.

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