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Candace Wilson will work with you to write your life stories or book-length memoir in your own voice.

Using a collaborative style, Candace will use guided or freestyle recorded interviews, previously recorded interviews, conversations, and written material and/or notes to produce a written document of any length.

After a first draft is produced, Candace will work with clients to correct details and capture the unique voice of the client in the final work.

Collaborative Writing
Candace works well as colleague and partner in writing books, manuals, reports. She is innovative and respectful of other’s ideas and thrives in a collegial partnership.

Candace Wilson and I worked together writing a “do-it-yourself” book.  She is someone you can count on to be respectful of your ideas and work.  I found her to be both supportive and encouraging while remaining focused on producing a work of clarity and thoughtfulness.  She is an excellent critical thinker and has a vast vocabulary for capturing just the right nuance for expressing an elusive concept. I really appreciated her organizational skills and work ethic.  Candace is a pleasure to work with.

Francea Wax, M.A.T.S.

Coaching Services
Are you a beginning writer? Candace will help you learn writing craft and develop your writing skills. She will help beginning fiction or memoirs writers to
· develop your writing practice
· discover your authentic voice
· deepen your knowledge of writing craft
· get your stories into written form.

Candace is also teaches classes  on writing memoirs. See information on related page.

Writing & Coaching


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